Mânava! Hospitality First is an innovative brand new approach to hotel software. As a completely Cloud-native hospitality technology solution, Mânava! will help you to reduce your total cost of IT and dramatically simplify your hotel management efforts.
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With Mânava! Hospitality First there is no need for local servers, since all software and data resides in the Cloud servers. The entire comprehensive software solution runs on vmWare Virtualized Server Cluster, a secure, reliable and redundant platform from vmWare and Microsoft.
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“Mânava” (literally, prestige or power residing in the viscera) represents the seat of great emotions, sentiments and sensations, what Westerners call the heart. Hence, when a Tahitian greeted a visitor by saying “mânava!” he opened his house, his home and above all his heart.
Mânava! represents the maximum hospitality concept possible.

The guest was then obliged to accept food and lodging, but also-and above all-to share the good times and the bad times his host lived through on a daily basis. The visitor was welcomed, pampered, but roles reversed and in turn the guest became the host who greeted and welcomed. From then on he was asked to become a receptacle himself.

Mânava! Hospitality First is a simple and reliable virtual manager for all your hospitality properties, wherever you are, whenever you want.

With Mânava! Hospitality First, there is no need for local servers, since all software and data resides in the Cloud servers. The entire comprehensive software solution runs on vmWare Virtualized Server Cluster, a secure, reliable and redundant platform from vmWare and Microsoft. 

Since Mânava! is Cloud-native, no upfront investment is necessary. The software is offered on a monthly subscription fee per occupied room, which includes use of the software, hosting, storage, bookings from your own website and much more. It also includes support and Maintenance and we even throw in a number of interfaces. The only thing you need is a PC or Mac running a browser. Nothing more, nothing less! That’s hotel software in the Cloud by Mânava!!

Manava General Overview

Inside Manager Flash Report

Just like you, we are always looking for ways to improve our procedures and to work more efficiently. The goal is of course to reduce cost and maximize revenue.

We have now found a way to allow you to reach these goals.

With our decades of experience in creating effective management software and suggestions from thousands of users we have created an innovative brand new PMS hotel software that we call Mânava!.

“Mânava!” (literally, prestige or power residing in the viscera) represents the seat of great emotions, sentiments and sensations, what Westerners call the heart. Hence, when a Tahitian greeted a visitor by saying “Mânava! !” he opened his house, his home and above all his heart. The guest was then obliged to accept food and lodging, but also-and above all-to share the good times and the bad times his host lived through on a daily basis. The visitor was welcomed, pampered, but roles reversed and in turn the guest became the host who greeted and welcomed. From then on he was asked to become a receptacle himself.

Mânava! represents the maximum hospitality concept possible.

The benefits of Mânava! Hospitality First are easily listed:

  1. Multiple data sources
  2. Cloud-native
  3. vmWare virtualization
  4. Browser based
  5. Intuitive and user friendly
  6. Integrated intelligent CRM
  7. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  8. All inclusive pricing “per occupied room”
  9. Proactive Helpdesk
  10. Channel Management
  11. Adaptive Multilanguage

Some of the biggest benefits of moving the PMS off-premise into the Cloud are:

  • Cost: a premise-based solution requires the continuous purchase, maintenance and upgrading of hardware, while a Cloud solution negates those costs, with all IT management being handled off-premise on redundant servers. Savings estimates vary and depend on hardware investments. However a savings of 45%-65% is not uncommon. Instead, hoteliers can use those funds toward other areas of business improvement, rather than spending it on IT equipment.
  • Service Availability: a Property Management System is a mission critical software solution. Outages and downtime affect a hotel’s productivity and service levels to the guest. Providers of Cloud-native solutions are much better equipped to ensure continuous and uninterrupted system availability.
  • Security: providers of Cloud solutions must adhere to security and privacy standards. These include but are not limited to PCI-DSS, ISO or Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).
  • The Latest Software: Hotels moving to the Cloud benefit from automatic implementation of the latest standards without having to worry about upgrading their software in order to comply with new standards. With Cloud-native software, hotels are more efficient and productive because they are always up to date and compatible.
  • Cost versus Investment: instead of a large upfront capital outlay for hardware, software licenses and training, hotels are offered a subscription-based software model and pay a reasonable monthly fee, thus moving to an operational expense. 

Our customers

Mânava! Hospitality First represents the maximum hospitality concept possible.


Here are some benefits of Mânava! Hospitality First

Adaptive Multilanguage

Mânava! is fully Multilanguage on two sides: operator side and guest side. That means that you can decide which language is to be applied to the hotel operator, defining his language on the user definition panel. On the next login the interface will be in the selected language and the administrators users have the possibility to dynamically change the menu bars definitions for every specific language and user.

The same approach is available for the guest side: that means that, based on the guest language defined in his profile, Mânava! automatically translates all the output materials (emails and documents) to let the guest read documents in his own language. Also in this case administrators users have the possibility to dynamically change the words and phrases correlations for every specific language, also for the CRM email templates.

Starting from a standard base configuration, loaded during the startup process, all the translations can be personalized for every hotel, in every moment.

Channel Management (using web services)

Mânava! includes channel management. The channel management functionality ensures that the various sales channels to hotel uses are informed about changes in availability and modifications to rates and restrictions. Numerous online travel agents as well as the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) can be connected.

Reservations created through these channels are automatically created in the Mânava! database.

The benefits are great:

  • Single Image Inventory: All channels get the availability from the same container, the PMS, rather than from allotments that need to be managed per channel.
  • Rates can fluctuate automatically based on the hotel’s occupancy. This means that the hotel can remain available on all connected channels even on busy days and without the risk of overbooking.
  • No need to log in on the extranet of the OTAs or into a channel manager software. Instead you use software that you are already familiar with and use every day. So no learning curve to manage channels and more staff members, with the right user rights, can make changes to what is made available online. Often this is now done by one staff member and nothing happens when he or she is not present.
  • No more backlog. Reservations are entered into the system automatically. Therefore, there will no longer be a backlog of reservations that still need to be entered. That saves time, but it also means your availability is always up to date.

Since we are utilizing the cloud and Mânava! is browser based, we can deliver Mânava! as a service. This means you don’t have to invest in software licenses, but rather pay a variable fee per month.

By moving our offering from a capital expense to an operational variable cost, we have lowered the threshold of Mânava!.

The subscription-based SaaS pricing model can keep your IT budget costs consistent and it is often lower than packaged software.

Also, SaaS applications are available from any computer or any device—any time, anywhere. Because most people are already familiar with using the Internet to find what they need, SaaS applications tend to have high adoption rates, with a lower learning curve. That is true for Mânava! too.

And finally, as is typical for SaaS software, as providers of the service, we manage availability of the software, so there’s no need for you to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as time goes by and your needs change.

Mânava!’s SaaS offering is all inclusive.

  • Support & Maintenance: Mânava! includes Support & Maintenance. Separate contracts are no longer needed and you have access to the helpdesk, as well as all software upgrades without additional costs and fees.
  • Interfaces: Mânava! has an extensive library of interfaces used commonly in the hotel industry. The standard subscription fee includes a number of interfaces such as Telephone, Keycard, PayTV, etc. The number of connections can grow infinitely as required. We have developed the Mânava!Box to manage communication between 3rd-party, on-premise systems and Mânava!. It is able to deal with local serial connections as well as with local and remote IP communication.
  • Web booking engine: Mânava! comes with a booking engine for the hotel company’s website(s). This advanced booking engine is easily integrated into any website and is loaded with functionality. No transacation fees are charged for reservations created through this booking engine. They are part of the all-inclusive fee and locks directly via Web Services to the rates and the availability.
  • Training: the Mânava! subscription provides you with access to the entire electronic curriculum which was developed specifically for Mânava!.


Perhaps we should first explain what the Cloud is. The Cloud is an environment where computer resources, like storage, processor power and memory are offered on demand. The provider of the environment is responsible for the hardware and they guarantee high availability and stability. The environment is also highly scalable or elastic, which means that it can grow and shrink as necessary.

Cloud-native software is software that is created to make optimal use of the Cloud environment. The biggest benefit is that the infrastructure needed to ensure scalability does not require an up front investment from the end-user, nor from the software supplier.

Mânava! uses the Cloud offered by Microsoft, a reliable partner who offers multiple instances of their environment around the globe. This gives the user of our software the guarantee of optimum availability and excellent speed. Also, Microsoft has chosen to host a second, completely independent instance of their environment in each part of the world where they offer the Cloud. This second instance will take over seamlessly from the main location whenever needed. That would compare to having a second, mirroring server on site at no expense.

The benefits of Cloud-native software are:

  • Scalability: If you need more, there is more, immediately and without any investment.
  • Availability: The systems are always available. No more planned or even unplanned downtime.
  • No investment: there is no need to buy expensive servers to be able to use our software.
  • No maintenance contracts: As you don’t need servers, you also don’t need expensive maintenance contracts on those servers.
  • More space: You will have more space, either in your computer room, or perhaps you can even use the entire computer room for different purposes. 
  • Always up to date: There will be no downtime to perform the updates for the operating system of your servers. This happens automatically, seamlessly and without any involvement of you or your company.
  • No Backups: Backups will be done automatically. The responsibility of doing backups shifts from you to Mânava!.
  • Sustainability: Using the cloud saves the planet in a number of ways;
    • Fewer servers are in use, because the resources are shared.
    • Fewer servers are transported to various locations.

vmWare virtualization

Mânava! uses vmWare virtualization, a platform on which the software is hosted. This engine offers developers a host of software and services that allow for fast and simple creation and maintenance of new products, which are also easy to launch.

The end-user is assured highly available and robust software that is scalable and secure.

Further benefits of the vmWare virtualization:

  • Wide Distribution – Instead of having just one big machine where all your data sits, your data is distributed over a large number of smaller machines. That’s really the essence of cloud computing. It reduces risk of losing data for whatever reason.
  • Scalability – In terms of performance, vmWare virtualization ensures the servers perform the same no matter what time of day, how many users are logged on, or how much data needs to be stored.
  • Replication – All data is replicated more than once which translates to greater performance, increase scalability, and overall better end user experience.
  • Geodistribution – Imagine being in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city. If you had your data on one server in that location, then it was lost. Geodistribution allows you to distribute your data geographically. Having more than one copy prevents natural disasters from killing your business.
  • Loads Of Storage – You pay only for what you use, and you can always be assured that you’ll have exactly as much as you need.

Multiple data sources

As a seasoned supplier of software technology, we are aware of the fact that hotel companies are happy with most of the current processes and IT systems and the data that has been gathered over the years. We also know there may be a need to replace some of the software currently in place or to streamlining information flows in one or more areas of the operation.

Existing databases Integration.

Rather than building yet another system that requires you to replace everything you have been using, we decided to create software that can fill the needs, without forcing you to get rid of the systems you are happy with. We felt that this new system should not merely interface with the software and data that stays in place, or worse, do a periodic export and import, but that the new system should integrate with the systems that stay in place.

To this end, we have designed Mânava! in such a way that data does not necessarily has to come from its own database. In many areas, we can configure the system in such a way that data can be retrieved from third party systems.

If, for instance, you are happy with your current loyalty system and would like to use that system to supply the information for guest profiles, than that is what should be used. If your company has decided that Rates and Rate information should come from your corporate CRS, than the PMS should go and find that information at the CRS.

With Mânava!, that is now possible.


Mânava! is browser-based, which means that all you need to be able to use the software is an internet browser.

Every current PC or Mac, or any device with a browser such as an iPad or other tablet, can be used to run Mânava!: that means you don’t need to invest in high-end workstations.

As a bonus, you can access the software from anywhere, not just from the hotel. You could be at home or any other place and still access the software and your data.

We have developed Mânava! to run on smartphones and tablets as well.

Using the embedded browser you can manage housekeeping status, view real-time hotel statistics (Occupancy, RevPar, et. al), check-in/check-out your guests, among others.

You are going to love these apps and quickly wonder how you ever managed without.

Intuitive and user friendly

Mânava! was built from the ground up using the latest technology available (Ajax and Microsoft SQL Server). From its inception, and in every aspect of the design, we have paid careful attention to the usability of the product. We set for ourselves the goal of creating software that is easy to use and logical in its workflow.

Of course there will always be functionality that requires explanation. For instance, there are three different types of maintenance status that could be assigned to a room. To be able to use each correctly, the user will need to be trained. To train the hotel staff, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum of eLearning courses. The modules offer the flexibility to train from anywhere, as well as a shorter learning curve to bring your staff up to speed on Mânava!.

Integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Today is not possible not to know your guest, and Mânava! was built from the beginning with a Guest Profile Oriented database. Lots of informations can be stored with the Guest Profile, easily viewable from the Guest form and available to all menu levels. You always know who are you talking with! And you know his favorites.

The CRM functions are fully integrated with your Email system and analyze and catch all the mail requests from your guest, repeated or new ones; copy of the emails are recognized and linked in the Customer Profile and embedded in a dedicated workflow interface.

You can use templates and wizards to send email replies only with on click, because the CRM Engine creates and sends the email for you, autocomposing the booking details and guides the operators in a logical workflow to reduce the waiting times, easily increasing the percentage of booking confirmations to reduce  FLOPS.

Proactive Helpdesk

Mânava! is centrally hosted. This gives us the possibility to monitor the software in each and every hotel using Mânava!. For instance, our help desk will be able to see that the communication with the PABX system was lost even before you notice it locally. In those cases, our help desk will contact you, rather than the other way around.

The Mânava! help desk is manned by personal account managers who are your single point of contact for all matters relating to Mânava!; whether you wish to discuss adding additional software, have a question about our invoices or need to get detailed information about Mânava! functionality, you always call the same number and speak with the same person.

Mânava! Box

An Interface Controller with style. The Mânava!Box is an interface controller and forms the link between local systems on-site and the Mânava! system in the Cloud. It was designed to require no human intervention after initial setup. Should it need to be reset or handled in any way for whatever reason, the hotel staff should only press a button. 

The Mânava!Box has been developed to be able to deal with network communication as well as with serial communication. It handles all low level protocol commands locally and communicates with the central Mânava! software to either update the database or to retrieve data that is requested by one of the on-site systems, such as:

  • Point of Sales (POS) Cashiering systems
  • Key card systems
  •  Minbar systems
  •  PayTV (MultiMedia) systems
  • Telephone Call Accounting (TCA) systems
  • Telephone systems (PABX)
  • Voicemail systems

The Mânava!Box should be connected to the local area network (LAN) of the hotel and should be able to reach Mânava! over the internet. From our offices, we can perform all necessary configuration for the connections with the various systems on site.

  • Has 1 serial COM-ports (DB9 DTE). Should more serial ports be required, simply add more USB to Serial Connectors
  • There are 8 Host USB port. This port can be used for two different functions:
    1) to load new software from a memory stick, used in case the box cannot be reached over the LAN.
    2) to write log files to a memory stick.
  • There is one Gigabit Ethernet port for a standard RJ-45 connector to access the LAN and ultimately Mânava! over the internet.

The Mânava! Box needs its own AC-power (UPS protected) and an Ethernet LAN connection. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is not supported.
One Mânava! Box is required for each hotel.
A space to store the box at close proximity to the systems connected over serial RS232 cables (10 meters).
The Mânava! Box has no moving parts.


The Mânava! ICC-1044 Interface Controller complies with the Conducted and Radiated Emissions requirements of EN 55022, 2006 as a Class A device. It also complies with EN 55024: 2010. Additionally, it complies with EN 61000-3-2: 2000 + Amendment A2: 2005 and EN 61000-3-3: 1995 + Amendments A1: 2001 and A2: 2005.

The Mânava! ICC-1044 Interface Controller complies with FCC Part 15 Subparts A and B as a Class A Unintentional Radiator when the methods as described in ANSI C63.4 – 2003 are applied.


Choose the offer that best suits your business


  • PMS
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Web booking
  • CRS (Simple Booking)
  • On demand tech support and helpdesk
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  • PMS
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Web booking
  • CRS (Simple Booking)
  • 4 support tickets included
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  • PMS
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Web booking
  • CRS (Simple Booking)
  • 4 support tickets included
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