Company Profile


SGI was founded in 1999 knowing that one of the major needs of small and medium-sized enterprises is the need to solve, with consolidated technology tools, many of the problems of organizational and production management, through the coordination and share of company data in a multi-user environment. Our goals are hardware and software IT consulting and development of operational procedures, to support the information system of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Le soluzioni realizzate si caratterizzano nei seguenti aspetti:


Integration of distributed company information technology through the analysis of existing or designed situations and comparison with the technology available on the market to optimize the productivity of the IT system itself.


Design and release of local and distributed network infrastructures through the choice and possible supply of hardware (Client and Server) and software (vmWare, Windows, Linux);

Configuring servers and clients with the necessary functions (shares, e-mail systems, secure remote access);

Implementation of security policies according to law directives, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity policies;

Maintenance of IT systems in their entirety.


Realization of complete projects related to graphics and presence on the web, including the creation of the company image with content homogeneous between digital and paper;

Implementation of the institutional website or portal integrated with corporate informatics, with B2B or B2C logics. All with the aim of communicating and positioning its products, services and characteristic activities.


Securing network infrastructure, training users, preparing mandatory documentation for data protection regulation (GDPR), proceduralization of activities, preparation for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certification.

Support activities in the analysis of the risks to which the infrastructure is exposed, their minimization and scheduled review.


Design and implementation of IT programs to integrate the company production cycle, through the analysis of the specific needs of the customer and the verification on the market of existing solutions to be customized;

Creation of multi-user software based on distributed geographic architecture (Private Cloud) and secure access (https) in native mode for the web.

The Team

A group of prepared and motivated people are available to customers to solve insurgent problems and to suggest new solutions to optimize business processes and simplify repetitive tasks. Each of them, coordinated by the company owners, takes care of its operational field with passion and specific knowledge, to provide the expected service in a timely manner and create with customers a lasting relationship of trust and familiarity.

In addition to the employees there is also a team of external technicians, variable in number, to which are delegated any activity on their specific knowledge within individual projects that are coordinated by the company owners who guarantee the responsibility of the action and the result to be pursued.